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have, have obtained, maintain - have or possess, both in the concrete or an abstract sense; "She has $one,000 in the lender"; "He has bought two stunning daughters"; "She retains a Master's degree from Harvard"

= refuse to permit in negative sentences I received’t have this nonsense → dieser Unsinn kommt (mir) nicht infrage or in Frage!; I won’t have this kind of rudeness! → diese Unhöflichkeit lasse ich mir ganz einfach nicht bieten; I won’t have it! → das lasse ich mir nicht bieten!; I won’t have him insulted → ich lasse es nicht zu or dulde es nicht, dass gentleman ihn beleidigt; I won’t have him insult his mother → ich lasse es nicht zu, dass er seine Mutter beleidigt; we received’t have Gals in our club → in unserem Klub sind Frauen nicht zugelassen; I’m not owning any of that!

This is a fascinating look at the debating concerning Chilton fans and Haynes supporters. I've read lots of differing thoughts that it can make my head spin! I'm fairly certain it just comes down to non-public flavor.

I'm thrilled to locate a automobile provider to fix my window. The window lock mechanism is performing up and I don't know what's going on. It can be genuinely annoying.

They often have access to cellular telephones, desktops and television. Consequently, the MS13’s Central American branches have been ready to rebuild their organizational buildings from within prisons partitions, and develop their ability to carry out crimes including kidnappings, automobile robberies, extortion strategies and also other felony functions.

convey - induce or persuade; "The confession of one of many accused introduced the Some others to admit on the crime also"

Oh hey, that is neat You will find a guide for undertaking auto repairs. It would appear like a good idea to have a lot of these guide built obtainable in any respect automotive corporations. I ponder however, do auto providers hand any of variety of auto repair guide for their staff members? ReplyDelete

(= take off) he had the top off in a second → er hatte den Deckel in Sekundenschnelle (he)runter; he experienced to obtain his leg off → ihm musste das Bein abgenommen werden

affluent - an affluent human being; a one who is economically perfectly off; "the so-identified as rising affluents"

My son just acquired himself a vehicle, he assumed he could cope with everything himself, but I do not Imagine he can. He presently has a dilemma together with his transmission. I feel I'm going to really need to hop in to see if I could possibly get him a auto shop to head over to.

He's very last found staying sealed away in a tomb from click here the rulers of Mnemnom following he triggers an explosion in a combat with Tarzan and Batman, Tarzan informing Dent as he can take the unconscious Batman to protection that using Dent back to Gotham to encounter trial is Batman's idea of justice as an alternative to his; he later tells Batman that Dent died if the slipping rubble that knocked Batman unconscious crushed him.[44]

He makes an attempt to blow up the Gotham Twin Towers with his facial area swathed in bandages, Along with the intention of dying during the explosions. He then sees both sides of his encounter as scarred, or as he afterwards says to Batman when he captures him, "No less than each side match". Later from the sequence, his psychiatrist (who is characterised as wholly inept) describes Dent's ailment as "recovering nicely".[37]

solicit - incite, go, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination; "He was accused of soliciting his colleagues to wipe out the files"

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